About Ardor

Ardor was founded by Kris Reid, an Australian entrepreneur with a degree in Software Engineering from Queensland University of Technology.

After obtaining his degree in 2006, Kris decided to scratch his itchy feet by heading off to London. During his time in London, Dublin and Brussels, Kris worked under contract with Euroclear, Visa Europe and Sony Research & Development.kris-reid-ardor-seo

Kris Reid – Coolest Guy in SEO
These development positions were ideal for Kris to become battle hardened in the real world of software engineering, finance, commerce and contracting.

The global financial crisis hit Europe very hard so Kris headed back to Australia where he developed an online game called Mob Warrior. Having completed the game, the one thing which all site owners need to face is how to get people to find the site and sign up to play it.

“This is when I first began to learn about SEO, meta data, title tags, content, keywords and links” says Kris.

He went on to explain: “Links were my initial focus, they fascinated me. Google rely quite a lot on links to indicate which site has more authority than another. Of course links are not the only thing Google relies on but regardless of fashion and what some experts claim, links are just as important now as they ever were”

With that in mind Kris built a linking service which is still a mainstay of Ardor SEO. The business began to grow as more and more clients came onboard.

To accommodate the growth and to keep the competitive edge which Ardor enjoys, Kris moved to Davao city, Philippines in January 2013.

He opened an office and moved the staff who had been working from home into the office.

The next big addition to Ardor was content, so Ardor Content was born with an army of English speaking writers and editors. Kris invented a unique user rating system to ensure only top quality writers remained on the team. This has ensured great content is the standard.

Software engineers and managers were added to stabilize the growth and to maintain the high standards while the company grew at a phenomenal rate.

Next stop was Phnom Penh, Cambodia where Ardor opened another office in order to gain better access to expats in South East Asia. More management was added as well as a sales team, accountant, social media experts and more content and graphics staff.

Now that the company has been fleshed out with professionals in all the key areas and has a proven track record of getting results it was time to consolidate all aspects under one banner, one site.

Ardor SEO provides professional services in HTTPS conversions, Reputation engineering, Authority marketing, SEO, Social media response and outsourced first response services.