Ryan Deiss, Google Penguin, And Security In Marketing

Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer

Ryan Deiss, Google Penguin, And Security In Marketing

Ryan DeissToday, Google’s algorithm update known as Penguin 4.0 is part of the over 200 signals used in Google’s core algorithm, the key feature being real-time updates every time Google crawls a site. Rather than affecting a whole website’s ranking, Penguin only devalues spam, disaffecting the ranking of individual pages based on spam signals. Years ago, the main focus was on driving traffic to sites by packing high search volume keywords into articles. Many marketers cared very little for how good any of the content may have been as long as it packed in those keywords. Today’s focus is on enhancing the overall user experience. A site must be created that will best care for users who have found it. The net result of algorithm updates in recent years has seen marketers working over time to beef up website content. Thanks to years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, Ryan Deiss is well versed in all the ways to apply content to maximize any ways Penguin 4.0 may shift the marketing landscape.

Success post Penguin

Thanks to the Penguin 4.0 roll out, more than ever the user needs to be taken care with every visit. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your site brings value to users. This will lead to greater rankings boosts in Google. Digital marketer Ryan Deiss recommends asking the following questions to better craft a marketing strategy:

How Do They Search?

Including keywords in headlines is becoming less important now that Google has gotten better at interpreting context . As search engines get smarter, they become more and more able to consider other keywords in the article. This helps define the article as an authority on a particular subject. For instance, if you were writing an article about elephants, you might have the words tusk,’ ‘pachyderm,’ ‘ivory,’ and ‘never forgets’ in the body copy. This will send signals to google that you’ve written an authoritative article on the subject of elephants.

What Do They Search For?

In the old days, if your site got clicks from search engines, that was enough to rank. Today, search engines are seeing how people are interacting with your site. Are they clicking on other site results? Did they find what they are looking for on your site? What’s most important today is the post-click activity. It’s not enough to just attract clicks, but you also must satisfy user intent, once they land on your page.

How Do Users Feel?

List articles have been some of the most popular on the internet for nearly a decade. People very much enjoy content that is easily digestible. Luckily, they also enjoy content that fills an information need. Audiences seem to like that even more. Anything that will justify someone wanting to consume or share content will be beneficial. In other words, original content is becoming very important.

Understanding that user inquiry is what drives people to use Google, Ryan Deiss with Ardor SEO is a marketer that is always expressing the need to “catch users where they land.” With his company, Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss sees the role of marketing as a predictive one; by knowing what users will search for, a business can maneuver themselves to “catch” whatever customers happy to toss out.

On the importance of seeing website design from the customer perspective, Ardor SEO Ryan Deiss connects with the user as his principal goal for any digital marketing. Without user experience, there is no marketing to speak of. Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO puts forth great effort to always display this in his marketing strategies. Being great at marketing is about more than academics. It requires a sense of empathy and a desire to connect with others – two things that Ryan Deiss Digital Marketer knows well.


Can You Be Too Secure?

Protecting yourself online can seem like a daunting task, and one of the most important decisions you can make in regards to getting quality, end user focused security to make the upgrade to HTTPS. Once your content has been optimized for Penguin 4.0, you can see the benefits in traffic, but not conversions. For any company that does business on the web, proper security is a priority. What a company like Ardor Secure can provide is an audit and migration over to HTTPS that will help to generate traffic by making your site more trusted. From there, it’s easy to hire Ardor Secure to continue to do more to manage your reputation online. Ardor Secure with Ryan Deiss ask the question if one can be too secure? Where there is marketing. Mastering marketing can also bring out more unsavory elements. Protect yourself before catastrophe strikes.


Even if you are able to game Penguin 4.0 and rank high in google with shady tactics and poor content, it doesn’t matter how high you rank, if your target audience goes to your site and they’re not happy. Better content = higher rankings = more business. Don’t leave money on the table rather than create new marketing avenues.Moreover, be sure to protect your investment and bolster your security with savvy marketers like Ryan Deiss with Ardor Secure.

Focus on your audience. Marketers can’t just promote what they hope people will see. Now, it’s about delivering what they need with quality site design and excellent long form content.


Ryan Deiss, Google Penguin, And Security In Marketing
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Last update: November 1st, 2016

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