How Our Solution Works

Why Migrate to HTTPS!?

Search engines including Google have stated from 2015 that having a secure site will become an important ranking factor and this will only increase in importance in 2017 and beyond. Having a secure site will not only help with your organic ranking efforts but will also have a positive impact on users on your site.

Having a secure site helps increase conversions by showing users that their details will be secure and the site is reputable.

Having a HTTPS site will be as important as having a mobile friendly website over the coming years so get ahead of your competitors today and migrate to HTTPS.

Ours solution is competitively priced as we are experts in what we do!

We have a team dedicated to doing nothing but SEO friendly HTTPS conversions to help secure your site within weeks of signing up for our service.

Our Solution includes the following:

Pre Migration HTTP Crawls

The first thing to do before doing HTTPs migration is to ensure all pages are documented in a spreadsheet to deter important pages deletion. With our proprerietary crawler, we can surely handle seamless implementation of pre-migration http crawl.

Certificate Registration

Before we purchase an SSL Certificate for you, we must first generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for your server. A CSR is an encoded file that provides us with a standardized way to send us your public key along with some information that identifies your company and domain name. When we generate a CSR, most server software asks for the following information: common name (i.e., organization name and location (country, state/province, city/town), key type (typically RSA), and key size (2048 bit minimum).

Certificate Installation

After we registered and purchased your HTTPs certificate, we are now ready to install the certificate on your server. All necessary procedures will be done for you, a thorough tests then will be done using SSL diagnostic tool to ensure all things are working properly. It may take 24 hours for the SSL installation and propagation to finish.

URL Mapping

After the certificate had been installed, URLs are now ready for mapping. The pre-crawled http urls will be used as reference for the new https urls. A spreadsheet will be provided with both http and https urls mapped together.

301 Redirects from HTTP to HTTPS

Using the Mapped Urls, we are now ready to redirect HTTP pages to HTTPs counterpart. But before implementing it live we have to list it down for your for documentation and cross-reference the urls.

Go live implementation

With the mapped urls ready with corresponding https counterpart, we are now ready to implement the redirection. Aside from url, all the images and other url references must be updated to https. A manual check and update will be done to ensure things will work properly; but if your website needs a automated script then it will be implemented. Approach may differ from one website to another.

Post Live Fully Services SEO Health Check

Most of the time, migrating HTTPs to HTTP will have an impact on you SEO rankings; well we are still here to help you. After all the migration procedures are done, we will now investigate the SEO health of your website, ensuring that https migration is not an obstacle for your SEO success rather a way to boost your rankings on search engines.

4 Weeks Ranking Report for Top 10 Keywords

As part of our Post Live SEO Health Check we are also providing 4 weeks ranking report for your top 10 keywords. This is part of your package which means that is this is free. 4 weeks report will surely help you see changes in your ranking if there is any. Most of the time changes are manageable, though some will experience drop but most of the time people experience rise or no-change in ranking.

Post Live Recommendations & Onsite Fixes

The last part of our job is a bonus for you. After all the ranking reports, checking your website after live 303 redirection and other fixes; we also document other recommendation including but not limited to SEO Onpage optimization. We cannot provide the exact fixes we will recommend as recommendations will differ from one website to another.

Get More Customers Today By Going Secure!

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